Membrane-Based WFI Generator

Stilmas' Membrane-Based WFI Generator is the pinnacle of advanced technology and innovation, delivering Pharmaceutical-grade water for injection. With a focus on sustainability and continuous production quality, this system combines the following components:

- A standard single-pass Reverse Osmosis system
- A cEDI stac
- A set of ultrafiltration hollow-fiber 6000-dalton membranes

Key Benefits:

- Reliable & Efficient: Stilmas' system generates 500 to 30,000 liters of WFI per hour with adjustable flow.

- IIoT-Ready: Maximise efficiency with the Masco Digital Platform, reducing utilities consumption.

- Advanced AI: Enhance robustness and online bioburden analyser capabilities.

- Easy Sanitisation: Automatic CIP and flexible sanitisation for minimal supervision.



Application Fields

Stilmas' system is designed to excel in various application fields, including:

- Pharmaceutical: Ensure that your pharmaceutical products meet the highest purity and quality standards with Stilmas' WFI generator.

- Biotech: From research to production, Stilmas' system is a vital component for biotech applications, ensuring the highest level of water quality.

- Veterinary: Trust in the safety and reliability of Stilmas' WFI generator for all your veterinary needs.

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When you choose Stilmas' Membrane-Based WFI Generator, you're choosing innovation, quality, and sustainability.

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