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Stilmas is an industrial and engineering company specialised in research, design, development and construction of high technology systems for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries.

The scope of our business encompasses design, production, assembly and installations of equipment and instruments up to successful qualification. 

The range and variety of production includes generation equipment, as well as complete storage and distribution systems for Purified water, Water for Injection and Pure steam obtained by multiple technologies: chemical, thermal and mechanical.

A dedicated R&D department and its active participation in international committees, allows Stilmas to be up to date with the latest developments regarding the international regulations and standards in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industry. By doing so, we are able to offer our clients the most advanced solutions. We have a long history, though our focus is on the future


WFI Membrane Technology
The WFI-by-membrane generator combines the most advanced processes into a highly customisable platform, delivering validated WFI Pharmaceutical-grade water.

This platform is the culmination of many years of experience and continuous technical development in membrane technologies.
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Generation equipment
Choose the best process for each application. For example, hot and cold WFI require different techniques, each with different advantages. Autoclaves and humidification have different steam demands. Stilmas has experience with a range of technologies to offer suitable solutions for customer needs.

Design for ultra-reliability and long life, with 20 years of continuous operation with one annual service and no breaks. This is achieved through simple design and high output quality standards.

Purified Water Systems

Pure water generation systems by Stilmas represent the simplest, safest and most reliable water purification method for the production of ultra-pure water when high bacterial and chemical quality is required


Vapour Compression Stills

Stilmas Thermocompression Stills  produce distilled water for injectable use meeting the requirements of the International Pharmacopeias including USP, EP and JP. 


Pure Steam Generators

Stilmas Pure Steam Generators are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest International Pharmacopeia’s and the cGMP FDA regulations. Standard models range from 50 to 6.000 kgs/h output.


Multiple-effect Stills

The Pharmastill multiple effect produces distilled water for injectable use, which meets the requirements of the International Pharmacopeias including USP, EP and JP.


Turn-key Design
Stilmas have the technical capabilities to reach the highest engineering standards. Always in compliance with the worldwide pharmacopoeias and to be in the position to offer complete Turn Key systems to its Customers.
Complete engineering on every single project, 3D layout drawings for each system, storage and distribution equipment, commissioning installation and start-up.
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Registered in Ireland as SteriTech Process Solutions Limited - Company number: 654374
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