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Personalized solutions designed to increase product-line efficiency with lab, offline, in-line and custom-combination leak testing solutions for most industry types and for a vast assortment of container types

We assure that your packaging will exceed industry standards for quality and integrity.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Inspection & Testing
Ensuring properly sealed containers, free from microbes or other contaminants, & providing sterility and safety for end users.

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Non-invasive, non-destructive leak testing and packaging integrity solutions
We've partnered with Bonfiglioli to provide only non-invasive, non-destructive leak testing and packaging integrity solutions using innovative testing methods.
Packaging integrity methods include:

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA)

Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)
Closed Chamber Integrity Testing
Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), commonly referred to as leak detection, is a non-destructive packaging inspection system to maintain an aseptic barrier against potential contaminants. Is a deterministic testing procedure, so it is less subject to error, is repeatable and gives quantitative and predictable results.
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Headspace Gas Analysis
Headspace analysis is classified under the CCIT procedure and is a laser-based, non-destructive and fully automatic inspection method for sealed packages that measures the quantity of certain gases in the so-called “headspace” i.e. in the space inside the packaging not occupied by the product of an hermetically sealed package.

It allows for measuring oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide, residual moisture content and absolute pressure value with the aim of verifying the headspace conditions and their maintenance to confirm stability and sterility in filled and finished packages.
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Visual Inspection
The inspection and detection of foreign particulate matter (FPM) is critical for quality control in powders, liquids, and lyophilized parenteral products used to cure patients. Machine vision inspection systems are configured to detect extraneous particles such as:

- fibers, dust (from environment)
- agglomerates, undissolved material (from product formulation)
- rubber, glass, plastic, metal (from packaging materials)
- metal from screen, filter material (from drug manufacturing process)
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